Courses and Workshops - The Denim School of Milano
The Denim School is the first fashion school in Milano dedicated to jeans and denim world. Workshops and Seminars, Short and Long Courses, Consulting Services and Custom Projects.
Fashion School, Denim, Indigo, Denim School, Fashion Design, Selvedge, Raw Denim
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Useful information about staying in Milano

Studying in Milano

Italy is an obvious choice for art, fashion and design with its traditions, art and history. Its tradition of fine craftsmanship is a key factor in the worldwide success of Italian fashion. Italy is full of historical and cultural treasures, archaeological sites, museums, art galleries, exhibitions and design events. According United Nations’ UNESCO, the country is home to the greatest number of World Heritage sites. For design students this in an important influence that stimulates creative ability and appreciation of beauty.
While in Milan, students live and breathe fashion inside and outside the classroom and so they quickly improve of their awareness of fashion styles and business.
Milan is a fun, lively and cosmopolitan city of 2 million people, with a large university population. It offers a dynamic night life and is conveniently located for weekend visits to other Italian and European cities. It’s the capital of fashion with a vast selection of fashion and accessory shops. It is very compact and easy to get around by bicycle, on foot or by public transport; newcomers very quickly feel at home in the city.


The Denim School of Milano

The Denim School is located near the Central Train Station (Centrale FS) close to the Garibaldi and Isola district and not so far from the center. The place is also well served and easily reachable with public transport. The two line of the subway, Green and Yellow, has stop right by the school and the red line is at only at one two stop or a ten minutes walking from Lima, Corso Buenos Aires.


Visa (Short-stay visas up to 90 days)

There are two short-stay categories of visas: Uniform Schengen Visas (USVs) and Limited Territorial Validity Visas (LTVs).
Check here for more informations:



Get in town from the airport

Milano is served by 3 airports: Malpensa MXP, Linate LIN and Bergamo Orio Al Serio BGY.
Linate LIN is the closest and in town. You can get a Taxi or the #73 bus (1,5 Euro) that stops in Duomo, here you can get the yellow line to Centrale FS (Central Train Station).
From Bergamo Orio Al Serio BGY you can get in town by the Airport Bus (15,00 Euro) that stops in Centrale FS (Central Train Station).
From Malpensa MXP you can get in town by the Airport Bus (15,00 Euro) that stops in Centrale FS (Central Train Station), the train Malpensa Express (20,00 Euro) that stops in Centrale FS too or by taxi (90,00 Euro).

Accommodation suggestion

The Central station area is full of Hotels with a wide range of price. Here some suggestions:


In alternative you can check availability among private houses:


The cheapest solution can be the hostels too. The Ostello Bello Grande in Via Lepetit and Hostel Central Station are at 5/10 minutes walking from the school:


Public Transport

Single ticket last 90 minutes and cost 1,5 euro. Daily ticket, 24h, cost 4,5 euro. More infos here:


Bike Sharing

Bike sharing is an easy and cheap way to move in town. All the agencies have mobile App where you can register your credit card or you Paypal account.
The two main agency are:



Taxi in Milano is quite expensive, especially at night. A taxi ride can cost around 10-15 euro according time and distance. Ask the driver or the agency if credit card is accepted. You can get a car at the taxi station located in every district or you can call the main agency:

+39 02 4040
+39 02 6969
+39 02 8585


Emergency numbers

118: General emergency and Ambulances
115: Fire-brigade
113: Polizia (Police)
112: Carabinieri (Military Police)