Sportswear international: How Milan wants to expand its denim competence | The Denim School
The Denim School is the first fashion school in Milano dedicated to jeans and denim world. Workshops and Seminars, Short and Long Courses, Consulting Services and Custom Projects.
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The Denim School of Milano

Sportswear international: How Milan wants to expand its denim competence

According to many insiders, there are almost no schools able to properly educate denim experts and jeanswear designers worldwide. The appreciated personalities and creatives who have succeeded in this market are mostly those who have gained their expertise by working in the industry.
Milan, a cultural and didactic reference hub for fashion, will host the first Italian school aiming to grow internationally and nationally competent denim and jeanswear experts.
The Denim School of Milano is therefore an ambitious project. It will kickoff its courses in September 2018 within Acof Moda Milano, an established Milanese fashion school founded in 1956 and recognized for its courses for fashion, apparel collection and bag design, and fashion and styling digital communication.

“The idea to found this school was born from the intuition to teach and keep alive aspects that are crucial to the jean product–and not simply focus on heritage aspects but also costume, historic, manufacturing, fabric, design and communication ones,” explain the co-founders of project, Gianni Fontana, a longtime fashion insider and lecturer for Acof and other Italian and international institutes, and Cristian Murianni, publishing-business insider and co-founder of the Denim Boulevard, the yearly Italian denim trade show that usually happens in June but for various reasons, including the school’s launch, will instead take place next in January 2019.

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