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Chasin’ launches Royal Attitude

Dutch lifestyle denim brand Chasin’ launched last week during the Pitti Uomo tradeshow their latest collaboration: Royal Attitude. With this collab Chasin’ recycled uniforms from the Royal Netherlands Navy. The project was conceived together with James Veenhoff, founder of House of Denim AmsterdamRoyal Attitude will be a seasonal part of the Chasin’ collection as of now. Through recycling of naval pieces Chasin’ created 2 stand out jeans, both in a 11,5oz quality. 1 is the iconic Ego jeans, which is the brand’s representation of the classic 5 pocket, with added stretch. A more contemporary fit is the cropped chino fit. For these jeans unique washes were created, inspired by the ocean. Next to the denims, the collection contains a denim jacket and several tops. Collection in stores from January 2017.


Il brand dei Paesi Bassi Chasin’, ha presentato la sua nuova collezione “Royal Attitude” al Pitti Uomo di settimana scorsa. Il progetto é stato concepito insieme al fondatore di House of Denim Amsterdam, James Veenhoff. La particolarità di questa collaborazione é l’utilizzo di uniformi riciclate della Royal Netherlands Navy e i lavaggi creati su misura ispirati dall’oceano. La collezione sarà nei negozi a partire da gennaio 2017.

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